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Year Orders in the last few years Order's type (study, sketch, project, report, realisation...) Contacts Notes
  2003 The analysis of health state of vegetation in a plot with family house in Frenštát p.R. An expert report and following study part realization of trees' cuts and sanitation Mr.Valchář-the owner  
  2003 The reconstruction of interior greenery in THEMIS company in Rožnov p.R Realization in 2003 Ing.Eduard Vojtek - the director  
  2003 the spreading of representative and relaxing area in THEMIS company in Rožnov p.R. study and project Ing.Eduard Vojtek - the director See the photo of ground plan  
  2002-2003 The greenery decoration of atriums and interiors in a Symphony hotel in Praha on Wenceslas square study, project (assuming realization in the spring 2003) See existed photos-designs of atriums more after realization  
  2003 Revegatation of entrance part in industrial area of EKOBAL company in Rožnov p.R. Study, project, realization in 2003 RNDr. Bohuslav Šimák - a company representative The ground plan photo and after realization the photo of realization with details  
  2002-2003 Landscaping at LAKTOS and TETRAPAK company in Praha Study, project, realization finishing in the spring 2003 Ing.Vrzal - technical director See photos  
  2001-2002 Landscaping at Gudev and Jonke's house in Praha-Kyje Projects and realization Mrs. Gudev - owner

See ground plans' photos  
  2002 Revegetation of entrance area at industrial hall of PV PLAST company in Valašské Meziříčí Revegetation project Ing.Plesník-company's director    
  2002 The report of species' sanitation in landscape of Bílovec Report-asking for a species sanitation's permission Mr.Sokol-owner, NC LINE management in Suchdol n.O.    
  2001-2003 The landscape design in Bílovec Study and staged realization of outplanting Ground plan and outplanting photo    
  2002 Revegetation of engines'deposit in Frenštát p.R. Study and project Mr.Kusý-owner    
  2002 Revegetation of school area in Slavičín The revegetation project for garden architecture company.      
  2002 Grading in farm yard at the cottage of family Roháček Study Mr.Roháček-owner    
  2002-2003 Landscaping at Šimáček house in Dolní Bečva Project and realization, finishing planting in 2003 RNDr. Šimák-owner Photos of realization and irrigation project  
  2002-2003 Landscaping at academic sculptor Scholler garden in Ostrava Rekonstruction study of a garden's part, realization will be in 2003   Photos  
  2002-2003 The lake and sculpture constructing Models and realization of lake and sculpture Mr. Sypták-owner Photos of realization and models  
  2002-2003 Landscaping at Sypták's house in Růžďka Project and nearly all realization      
  2002 The garden adjustment in front of the entry to Komerční domy in Rožnov p.R Project (ground plan, views) + realization with outdoor containers by the sitting Mr. Šmíd    
  2002 Landscaping at Pešek's house in Svitavy Project and realization Mr.Pešek-owner Photoe of project and realization  
  2002 Revegetation of PAMET company Ing. Pantálková-owner      
  2002-2003 Landscape view of neoromantic place in Běleč u Karlštejna Study and gradual projecting and part realization RNDr. Jan Hošek-owner    
  2001-2002 Reconstruction and revegetation of town's cemetery in Nový Jíčín Study   See ground plans  
  2001-2002 Landscaping at Prorok's garden in Rožnov p.R. Projet Mr.Prorok-owner    
  2001 Landscaping at Veselá house in Praha-Úvaly Projet et réalisation Project and realization
JUDr. Veselá-owner-secretary
See ground plan and realization photos  
  2001 Reconstruction and revegetation of Šramotovo square in Hranice na Moravě Projet      
  2001 The interior greenery decoration in THOMAS company in Praha Realization Company's contact-secretary Photos from realization will be added later  
  2001-2002 Reconstruction and landscaping in hospital area in Vsetín Projet      
  2001 Landscaping at Tomeš house in Praha-Hanspaulka Study, project, realization

Photos of realization, designs, details of streams...  
  2001-2002 Landscaping at Liebermann house in Rožnov p.R. Project and realization Mrs.Liebermann (lives in Mexico) The ground plans and photos-details of realization  
  2002 Landscaping at Schreiber house in Zlín Project and realization Mrs.Schreiber-owner Photo-the view + realization  
  2000-2002 Landscaping and building of cascade and lake at the Szkandera house in Dobratice Study, project and realization Mrs. Szkander-owner See the photos from realization  
  2001-2002 Landscaping at Kejzlar house in Valašské Meziříčí Project      
  2002 The lake and cascade constructing at Plesnik's garden in Valašské Meziříčí Sketch, technical designs and realization with planting Mgr. Lubomír Plesník-owner Photos of designs and realization  
  2002 Creation fo lake and cascade in the Vítek's garden in Ratiboř Sketch and realization with final planting   Photos of realization and designs  
  2002 Reconstruction and extension of a park in Holešov Study   Photo of a central part of park and reference to the ground plan  
  2002 Conception of festival trees planting in STW GLASS in Valašské Meziříčí Realization of final planting Mgr. Kovářová-manager assistant Photo in the spring 2003  
  2001-2002 Garden adjustment in front of the entry to NC LINE company in Suchdol n.O. Project (grounf plan and view) + realization   Photosof project (ground plan and views) and realization  
  2001-2002 Landscaping at Plesnik's garden Project and realization Mgr. Lubomír Plesník-owner

The photos from realization + reference to irrigation design (possibly manually drawn axonometry)  
  2001-2002 Landscaping of dump's reclamation in Velký Osek Study, project, realization   See photos of project and realizations  
  2002 Landscaping at Piller house in Praha Sketch of a ground plan Ing. Václav Piller-owner See the photo of a ground plan  
  2002 Landscaping at Baroš house in Frenštát p.R. Project and realization

See realization photos  
    Landscaping at Vojtek house in Frenštát p.R. Project and realization of a garden including the irrigation system   Irrigation ground plan  
  2001-2002 Landscaping at Vávra house in Frenštát p.R. Project and realization of a garden including the irrigation system   Photo of a garden  
  2000-2002 Landscaping at Píšek house in Ostrava-Poruba Project (realization likely in 2003)   Ground plan of garden  
  2001 Landscaping at Tobiáš house in Frenštát p.R. Project and part realization   Photo-the view of a gravity wall  
  2000-2001 Landscaping at Buchta house in Frýdlant-Pstruží Project and sketch of gravity walls from sandstones   The view of a gravity wall  
  2001 Landscaping-atrium and winter garden at a Drábek house in Frýdek-Místek Study, project, realization with sculpture work and with setting the pavings from Indic sandstones   Photos from realization, sketches  
  2001 The reservetion and management's arrangements in Preserved areas in CHKO Beskydy Realization of management's arrangements   Photos will be added later  
  2000 Landscaping at Kadlec's house in Ostrava-Krásné Pole Study, project, realization including the irrigation system   Photos from realizations  
  2000 Garden and landscape adjustment in Hladké Životice Project Ing. JUDr. Zdenek Petružela -directeur de la Station    
  2000-2001 Landscaping at Kusý house in Frenštát p.R. Project and realization   Photos-perspective, ground plan, garden  
  1999-2000 Revegetation of sewerage plant in Zlín Project and realization   Views-see archives  
  2000 Decoration with the interior greenery in a Eroplán hotel in Rožnov p.R. Realization   See existed photos  
  2000 The lake constructing in a Garden nurseries company Dušsn Horák in Bystřice pod Hostýnem Realization of a lake for a co-operate company Ing. Dušan Horák tél.: 602702104 The photo-in the spring 2003  
  1999-2000 Landscaping at Martin house in Praha-Úvaly Project and realization including the laying of a grass carpets and automatic irrigation Ing. Arch. Aleš Kalivoda tél.: 605271440 See the view and a ground plan of a garden + photos  
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