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Design and construction of my own projects
Interior greenery and other arrangements
"Turn-key" gardens
Original "open-air" ceramic containers
Roof gardens
Revegetation of industrial areas

Landscaping and reclamation areas
Natural paving, rockeries, and stonework
Automatic irrigation and underdrainage
Conservation in reservation areas
Construction of lakes, waterfalls and other water features
Species sanitation, expert cuts and treatment
Nursery practice and silvicultural operations
  I believe that the best, most innovative and responsible designs are a result of the brave realisation of one's own projects.

Entry to the cottage
- Horní Bečva

Authentic and complex landscape
design with gates, wickets, fencing and walls - Vsetín

Complex landscape design
- Vsetín

Landscaping around my own
house with stone and water
features - Rožnov p.R.

Entrance staircase made from
stones and gravel - Rožnov p.R.

Garden around my own house
- Rožnov p.R.

Konečný's garden 3 years after
construction - Ostrava-Poruba

Landscaping in areas not suitable
for turfing is done with the shingles' gulfs

Boundary line in Plesnik's
garden between the lawn and the flowerbed is
demarcated using flat
stones, mainly because of easier
miter - Valašské Meziříčí

Overview of the upper part of
Plesnik's garden - Valašské Meziříčí

An unusual building and garden
architecture - Richtar's garden in Ostrava-Poruba

The stone's wall of marble files

An interesting detail near the entrance of Hanspaulka garden

The detail of planted niche above the staircase near the entrance

The detail of planted niche above the staircase near the entrance

The garden of Mrs.Veselá nearly
a year after construction - Praha

The same garden with a parking
area constructed from shingles'gulf - Praha-Úvaly

Zbranek's garden 4 years after construction - Vsetín

The same garden

Colour variation of paving, constructed according to the project
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